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Special conditions are required to achieve maximum cleaning results. Time. temperature, water pressure and water conditions are all integral parts of a dish and laundry cleaning system.  With the ACCU-FLO system, chemicals are dispensed in precise measure at the right time to assure optimum results.




  • Thrust: A heavy duty chlorinated liquid detergent for use in most water conditions. Strong enough to remove dried on soils. Dispensed thru our Accu-Flow unit.


  • Dishmaster: A heavy duty chlorinated dish machine powdered detergent for soft to medium water areas. Dispensed from the shipping container thru our Accu-Bowl unit. 4-9#


  • Super Saver: Is a heavy duty chlorinated dish machine powdered detergent. Especially formulated for hard water areas. Dispensed from the shipping container thru our Accu-Bowl unit. 4-8#


  • Safe:  A powdered heavy duty Non-Chlorinated mechanical detergent. Especially formulated for soft metal ware such as pewter and silver etc. Dispensed from the shipping container thru our Accu-Bowl unit.


  • Terminator: Liquid Soft metal safe for mechanical washing detergent in liquid form. Safe on aluminum, tin, pewter etc…


  • Dri-Rite:  Concentrated rinse additive speeds drying to eliminate water spots. Recommended for medium to soft water conditions.


  • Rinse It: Concentrated High Solids rinse additive speeds drying eliminates water spots. Especially formulated for hard water conditions.




  • Premium Green: A concentrated Liquid Pot and Pan cleaner. Also effective for walls and painted surfaces. Very effective grease cutter but yet very soft on hands.


  • Royale: Super concentrated manual dish washer detergent in solid form. 100% active cleaning power.


  • Free & Easy: A heavy duty manual dish washer detergent in powder form. Contains wetting agents for fast removal of dried on soil.





  • Stain Away: Concentrated liquid for eternizing (silver or silver plated) (stainless steel) flatware and metal ware. Will loosen soil for 1 pass washing. Not use for aluminum.


  • Silver Bright: Powdered presoak for stainless steel flatware. Cut thru protein soils. Removes dried on foods for shining silverware.


  • Solid-Silver: presoak for stainless steel flatware in solid form. Cut thru protein soils. Removes dried on foods for shining silverware.





  • Dynamite: Paste form, the best oven and carbonated cleaner you can buy. Just brush on and watch the most stubborn carbonated stain disappear.


  • Oven Aid: Heavy duty liquid Grill and Oven cleaner. Removes cooked on grease and carbon deposits from ovens, grills, fryolators and hoods. Leaves stainless steel shining.





  • New GR: Concentrated quaternary disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer. For use of on hard surfaces including glassware, dishes, pots and pans, floors, walls, and food processing equipment. EPA approved and registered (#1234…)


  • Knockout SOS: A heavy duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser especially formulated for the food service industry. Very effective for floors, walls, baseboards, fans, filters and exhaust ducts.


  • High Pressure Cleaner: Specially formulated for High Pressure machine. Will not clog nozzle or attack any surface. Free rinsing low suds.


  • LSR: A liquid blend mild acid and detergents for removing lime film, iron stains, calcium, magnesium and scale found in hard water areas. Recommended for cleaning of dish machines, steam tables and most hard surfaces.


  • Deep Kleen: A heavy duty all-purpose cleaner and degreaser in solid form. Especially formulated for the food service industry. Very effective for floors and walls.


  • Premium Degreaser: A super concentrated degreaser and light oven cleaner. Effective on quarry tile and other hard surfaces.


  • Odor Gone: Industrial and institutional deodorant. Neutralizes the unpleasant odors caused by decomposition of organic matter (bacteria). Odorhide will not mask odor but neutralize. Recommended in garbage containers or refuse area. Can be dispensed thru out Accu-Flow system.


  • Bathroom Deodorizer – Rubbermaid and other popular brands of fragrances and dispensers to deodorize your environment.


  • Freezer Cleaner: For cleaning freezer boxes and lockers below freezing temperatures. Dissolves grime fat and grease on contact. Non flammable, non icing, odorless. No need to defrost ice box.


  • Lotion Hand Soap: A pH balanced assures superior cleaning great creamy hand soap offers the best performance of any synthetic cleaning. Pink or pearl-white in formula. 


  • Anti-Microbial Hand Soap: Designed expressly for the food processing plants and health care professionals. Active ingredients to combat a broad spectrum of degerming agents. Microorganisms are safely killed in just seconds. Will not dry out hands even in repeated use.



  • BioZyme: Liquid Enzyme drain maintainer for grease traps and sewage treatment. Digests grease and sludge and leaves a nice fragrance. Dispensed thru our Accu Flow system.





  • Super Built Detergent: super powerful built detergent that eliminates the toughest soils and stains. Advantage offers superior results at a lower cost use.


  • Liquid Laundry Bleach: stable high percentage chlorine which whitens and removes stain that detergent can not do. recommended for whites only.


  • Super Break: A high alkaline builder designed to break out soils. This is only a “help” (I can’t think of a better word) the detergent to give it an extra boost.


  • Soft & Fresh: Fabric softener and neutralizer. Reduces static and wrinkling. Also neutralizes harmful residue.


  • Chlor Away: A liquid formula to neutralize chlorine in loads where chlorine was previously used.


  • Nuetra Sour: Concentrated liquid laundry sour. Neutralizes alkaline that is left from the detergent and builder. Helps reduce fabric ware and cuts laundry cost by reducing extra rinsing.


  • Pre-Spotter: For extremely stubborn grease spots. Apply product and wash regularly.


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